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So here goes my first blog, i seriously have no idea what to wirte. The only reason that i'm writing this is purely because my girlfriend writes on here all the time (you probably know her, she gets everywhere) and she has twisted my arm to write a blog. Anyway because i blame her directly for me sitting here having a good think about what the hell i should write i thought i'd write about her.

The truth is my girlfriend (who has to go un-named as i value my knee caps) enjoys writing blogs on here on a daily basis. Infact sometimes i think that she enjoys writing blogs on here more than she likes talking to me. The problem is she has got bloggers block...well you know what i mean. She just can't seem to write these things anymore. Whats most annoying is that she's a really good writer and thats not just my opinion, its mainly yours from what comments i have seen left on her many articles. She's just lost belief in her writing from nowhere. Have any of you ever gone through this? No matter how much i tell her how good she is, she just won't listen to me. Also believe me when i say this, i never thought i'd blog EVER but whats happened to her has given me the need to. I'm sure i won't get many replies to this as is my first post on here, i understand you need to be popular to get comments.

The main thing is that i hope that in a few weeks i can write my second ever blog on her explaining how happy i am again because she is blogging like she used to. i know, i know, it doesn't sound like a huge deal but when she blogs it helps her express herself. It really does make her happy writing, its a passion of hers, and its sad to see it gone. I almost wish i could tell you who it was so that you could help me explain to her how good she is!

Anyway i feel that i may have said too much already. I'm sure when my girlfriend see's this article she'll get her own back by explaining the need she has for a baby or by explaining a few articles from her girlie magazine to me, you know the usual. Hope to blog again soon.

on Jan 23, 2007
I thik you will find that many times people's expectations of a blog are either not met (no comments / too many comments) or met in ways they don't like (people don't agree with them/get into flame wars) and this tends to result in blog-slumps like your gf's.
on Jan 23, 2007
Hi! I'm Dharma. I've been blogging here for almost three years and I know only too well what your g/f's going through. Sometimes I got for weeks without writing - mainly because I feel like I have writer's block and I can't think of anything to say. It does go away eventually; usually all it takes is one good article and before I know it I'm blogging away like a mad thing.

It's very sweet of you to make your first article about her! I wish my husband would get off his arse and blog, but he won't. He says it's my 'thing' and he doesn't want "to intrude".

Anyway, welcome to JU!
on Jan 23, 2007
He says it's my 'thing' and he doesn't want "to intrude".
I get the same thing from my wife...
on Jan 23, 2007
Well, I really hope your gal continues writing on here and gets through this "blogger's block" of hers.

And welcome to JU as well.
on Jan 23, 2007
Welcome to JU and I hope your girlfriend gets her groove back.

I'm sure she will if writing means that much. It is just a matter of time.
on Jan 23, 2007
I'm just wondering who the heck it is...I should probably know, oh well...I'm allowed to be clueless once in awhile.

Welcome and enjoy the community...we usually behave.

on Jan 24, 2007
Thank you for the comments guys!

I never expected to get any replies, i'm shocked.

I'll have to send her the link so she can see she's not alone.

I so wish i could say who it is but she would kill me, but hopefully you'll work it out when she starts blogging again.

again thanks for the comments
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